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Fangirl - Rainbow Rowell

DNF: Page 235

I feel torn.

Before I started this book, I thought it would be a fun look into fandom, the highs and lows, since the book is titled "Fangirl." However, during the time I read it, I saw little of the "fan" part in the pages. There was little to no mentions of fandom activities besides fanfiction. I don't have much interest in fanfiction due to most of the fanfic stories that I read in the past were either not good or mediocre (I'm more of an AMV person). So, I was disappointed with the lack of miscellaneous fandom stuff in the story.

Cath started as a decent character, but as the story moves on, her personality takes a huge downfall. She becomes more self-centered as I go further into the book (especially in the second half). She behaved like a 12-year-old rather than an 18-year-old. A perfect example is the first part of a chapter when Cath receives an F on her writing assignment for plagiarism for using the Simon Snow characters and universe. She told her professor that she didn't "plagiarize" but "borrowed" the characters. The Professor makes a point to say to her to not do it again (Cath is lucky that she didn't get expelled immediately) and use original content. Cath reacts to receiving a failing grade by being super upset and having an "Emergency Kanye Party." I understand not being happy about not receiving a grade you want, but to me, it looked like Cath was throwing a hissy fit like a 5-year-old. I was waiting for Cath's character development, but I'm sad that I didn't see it. The only characters I liked were Reagan and Kath's and Wren's father.

The writing was enjoyable due to its straightforwardness. It's refreshing to read a book without being too descriptive about the details (I don't have a problem with it depending on the writing). The sentences and the dialogue flowed well off my tongue. Cath's first visit to her home since she left for college was my favorite part. I enjoyed reading about her and her father hanging out at their home. Reagan was fun to read, and she stole whatever she appeared in a scene. There were a few parts with some hiccups like the part when Levi says this line:

"These two girls have parents. They have a father. And he should never have to worry that they're going to end up in a bar, debasing themselves for some pervert who still jerks off to Girls Gone Wild videos."

That sentence sounded like the Navy Seal copypasta rather than actual dialogue. I felt some pacing needed some improvement due to some unnecessary details. The first part of the book was enjoyable, and I understood why many people like this book. However, the parts after Cath's first home visit was when the cracks appeared. The story eventually jumped the shark when Cath reads her slash fanfics to Levi.

I tried to go further because I liked the writing and a couple of characters, but I find it hard due to the slow pacing and Cath's character devolution.

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